Indonesian Civil Law in Protection the Costumers in Online Transactions

  • Mariah Sonanggok M Purba Faculty of Law, Universitas Simalungun
Keywords: Protection, Business Law, Online Transactions, Costumers


The use of information technology has changed the mode of transaction system. Many companies use the digital system to speed the market penetration and increase the transaction. But the law and regulations to protect costumers are necessary to protect the buyers. The fraud or scam in business online needs an additional law to general law to avoid and punish the bad traders. This paper was designed in the Sociology of law to analyze the full protection for buyers in digital transaction. Indonesian Law (KUHP) article 378 has regulated the act of fraud, and Indonesian Law number 19 /2016 that changed Indonesian Law  11 /2008 which regulates the Information Technology of Electronic (ITE)  in supporting the protection of costumers.  It means those Indonesian Law have make the regulations that protect the costumers in the online system, Face book, Instagram, What’s up or other tools. It concludes in general the protection of costumers has been constructed in Indonesian law system (article 378 /KUHP – Civil Code and No 19/2016), so the public worries of online business fraud have been protected by the Indonesian Law and regulations.