Compensation, Working Climate and Performance of Employees of Credit Union Company

  • Fatolosa Hulu Universitas Pembangunan Nasional
Keywords: Work Compensation, Work Environment, Workers Performance, Credit Union


Many affecting factors of the employees’ performance that often believes have important roles in business sector. This study was purposed to determine the effect of compensation and work environment on the employees’performance of  Credit Union company in Gunung Sitoli of Indonesia; which was conducted in September 2018 until November 2018. The number of samples used in this study were 30 people. The independent variables in this study are compensation (X1) and work environment (X2). The dependent variable is in employees’ performance. The research results showed that simultaneously work compensation and work environment factors had a positive and significant effect on the performance of workers Credit Union Gunung Sitoli. Partially, the work compensation and work climate have a positive and significant effect on employee performance. Work compensation has a greater effect on employee performance compared to that of the work climate score. The compensation for employees makes a better working environment.