The Implications of Family Size on Students Educational Attainment in Cameroon

Family Size on Students Educational Attainment

  • Mbu Daniel Tambi University of Dschang
  • Enongene Betrand Ewane
Keywords: Effects, Family Size, Students Educational Attainment, Cameroon


The purpose of this study is to find out the implications of family size on students educational attainment in Cameroon. To this effects educational attainment was capture through various levels of child education. The ordered probit model was use to estimate our result while data was Demographic Health Survey. The result shows that family size negatively and significantly affects child educational attainment while a child is more likely to attain primary education but less likely to attain both secondary and higher education relative a child from small family size. We recommend that the ministry of planning and urban development should passed a law limiting the number of children one should have so that more resources will be allocated per child which will go a long way to increase child quality.