Social Entrepreneurs and Innovation for the Unemployment

  • Ade Indah Sari Universitas Harapan Medan
Keywords: Social Entrepreneurship, Elements of Innovation, Unemployment


This research explored the social entrepreneurship factors to reduce the rate of unemployment in North Sumatra Indonesia. Social entrepreneurship is built through four main elements, namely social value, civil society, innovation, and economic activity. Through the element of innovation, a new form of social entrepreneurship was discovered. Theoretical reviews of social entrepreneurship practices that have been applied in various elements of civil society show innovation elements. An effort to overcome unemployment in Medan Municipality many forms of Social Entrepreneurships were analyzed. Social entrepreneurship that is most appropriately adopted in the city of Medan to reduce unemployment is to empower young women. It concluded that the synergic forms of Social Entrepreneurship with universities, banking institutions and the government, elements of social entrepreneurship including social value, civil society, innovation and economic activity.