Production Factors Analysis of Traditional Weaving Textile “ULOS” of Padang Sidimpuan Municipality of Indonesia

  • Lely Sulhana Lubis Faculty of Economics, University of Graha Nusantara
Keywords: Weaving textile Capital, Business factors, Production value


Many assumptions appear that traditional textiles benefits are not matched with modern business production costs. This study aimed at finding the production factors of traditional textiles of Ethnic Batak of Indonesia such as capital, labor and raw materials. Those factors have contributed to the production value of the Weaving Textiles Business.  This study focused on the traditional textiles of South Tapanuli in Indonesia which is so called “Ulos”. With the business factors analysis, the Correlational Research Design was conducted in the oldest manufacture of textiles Ulos, Paulina Manufacture.  Data analysis showed the most dominant factor influencing the production value of the Ulos Paulina Textile in Padang Sidimpuan  was a raw material because the partial test showed that the value of raw material contributes more (with a t-count of 3.262) compared to the capital variable (2,242 ) and labor (2,048). It conclude that the capital, labor and raw materials partially have great significant and positively affect partially on the value of production in the Ulos Paulina Textile Factory.