Country Image, Perceived Product Quality and Purchase Intention: The Moderating Roles of Quality Warranty Certificate and Country-Image Transferred Strategies

  • Phothong Saithibvongsa National Academy of Politics and Public Administration
  • JinKyo Shin, Prof. Keimyung University
  • Hyeok Jae Choi
Keywords: Country Image, Perceived Product Quality, Purchase Intention, Quality Warranty


This article aims at researching on the relationship of country image and customer perception on product quality and purchasing intention in South Korean. Additionally, the moderating roles of product quality warranty and country image transferred strategies are also taken into investigation in this empirical research. In order to make a research on these areas, questionnaire forms were distributed by emails and sending hard copies to 350 target samples in South Korea including Koreans and foreigners who have been living in South Korea and 215 forms were returned back and analyzed by SPSS v.21. The results indicated that gender, age groups and nationalities can significantly influence consumers’ perception on the relationship country image and product quality. Surprisingly, the image of origin country produced products does not really affect consumers’ perceived product quality, but the image of manufacturing country has a strong and significant influence on consumers’ perception in terms of product quality. More interestingly, country image transferred strategy is ineffective in altering consumers’ psychological perceptions on country image and perceived product quality. Apart from this, product quality warranty is still workable for boosting consumers’ confidence in consuming products in Korean context. Even though this empirical research was considerably and carefully implemented, there are still some significant limitations in practice. The limitations and suggestion are finally introduced and explained.