The Development of lending activity of agricultural households in the Republic Of Moldova.

  • Suparschii Valentina PIRLITA
Keywords: economy, agricultural integration


This study was developed in the context of the project to improve the institutional capacity, to evaluate and formulate the macroeconomic policy in the field of economic convergence of the agricultural and the economic field.

European integration processes actively involve member countries as well as neighboring countries. Thus, the Republic of Moldova becomes a component part of the integration events with direct implications on the national economy. The most vulnerable sector remains agriculture, and the EU's agricultural policy could have a direct influence on national agriculture. That's what she needs to study. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is among the first common policies adopted by the European Union - the then European Economic Community. Her genesis was a reaction to the food problems that followed the Second World War. It should be noted at the outset that the term "common policy" faithfully reflects one of the defining features of the CAP, namely that for about 90% of agricultural products the decision no longer belongs to the Member States but to the European Union.

The scientific novelty of the paper consists in the elaboration of a set of scientific-methodological approaches and practical recommendations regarding the development of the lending activity in agricultural households, taking into account the particularities of the development of the partnership, then the perspectives of agricultural credit established in the Republic of Moldova based on European policies, almost analyzing Romania.