Сomparison of Turkish Airlines with Aeroflot

  • Marif Aslanov Student


Turkish Airlines versus Aeroflot

Prof. Dr. Alexander Eremichev, Faculty of Air Transportation University of Mediterranean Karpasia

 Marif Aslanov, Faculty of Air Transportation University of Mediterranean Karpasia

Nicosia, North Cyprus

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     The use of commercial aviation has grown significantly over the last six- seven decades, estimated to be more than seventy-fold since the first jet airliner flew in 1949. This rapid growth is attributed to a number of factors.

     This is determined by the economic development of different countries. On the other hand, air transport is one of the drivers of economic growth.

     Despite all the differences, Russia and Turkey are closely linked both historical and economic. Therefore, from the point of view of aviation management cognitive compare the flag airlines of these countries: Turkish Airlines and Aeroflot.

     This was done in this article. Some options for improving the work of these airlines, based on the personal experience of the authors.

     Keywords: Air transport, airline, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot, RASK, CASK.